What Are Outreach Services?

An innovative way of providing help for troubled teens while still retaining supportive connections in their own community.

Many youth are resistant to seeing a counsellor, family therapist or psychologist in a clinical office setting. Venture Academy’s “Counsellors to Your Door” approach is a great way to engage withdrawn and resistant youth. One-on-one sessions are held on common ground; in a coffee shop or park, or even while engaging in a therapeutic rapport building activity.

This front-line service is delivered by a Venture Academy Youth Counsellor or Substance Use Counsellor – an experienced yet youthful support worker who knows what it takes to bond with the young person and get to the core issues in a youth-friendly yet professional manner.

What We Provide

Services can be used to help families reduce conflict and rebuild relationships. Our counsellors can support youth in eliminating substance use and becoming accountable and responsible for their own actions. The supportive role of an outreach counsellor may also include assisting youth in examining peer relationships, participating in healthy recreational activities, attending school or finding work etc.

“Your services have been invaluable. I don’t know where I would have been without Cheryl (Youth Counsellor)!”
mother of daughter age 15

Important Facts

  • Your troubled teen does not need to “agree” to see a counsellor.
  • Venture Academy staff are skilled at engaging withdrawn and resistant youth.
  • Your child does not need to have a serious problem to benefit from our service.
  • Venture Academy outreach services can be utilized as an extra support system for the family in many situations.