It’s a common misconception that problem behaviour is little more than a rite of passage for teens. Although it’s true that some dynamics change as youngsters explore independence, behaviour challenges can indicate problems. Venture Academy specialists found that learning disabilities and similar issues could be contributing factors. Could a private special education school in Canada make a difference? With schools for learning disabilities, your child can find the right track in their academic and personal growth overall.

Understanding the Teen’s FrustrationsPrivate Special Education School in BC and schools for learning disabilities

Learning disorders negatively affect teens. Venture Academy therapists routinely work with youngsters who experienced rejection because of them. Examples include Central Auditory Processing Disorder, dyslexia, or dyscalculia. Children who suffer from these conditions feel different from their peers.

Some choose to withdraw. Others act out aggressively toward peers and family members. Besides that, you receive negative reports from the classroom teacher. Maybe your teen gets in trouble for fighting.

You might be thinking of enrolling the youngster in a military school to assist with the discipline issues. However, consider that this wouldn’t get to the heart of the problem. Most importantly, it couldn’t repair the damage to the teen’s self-esteem. A better option is a combination therapy venue and private special education school in Canada.

Customizing an Approach at a Private Special Education School in Canada

Venture Academy specialists understand that each teen’s unique. What works for one person might not be the best approach for another one. Similarly, enrolling in schools for learning disabilities may not be necessary for the long run. Therefore, every program begins with a thorough assessment.

Desirable behavioural change comes from addressing frustrations head-on. That’s why therapists listen to you as well as to the teen. Experts will diagnose learning disabilities if they are present. From there, we design a program that meets the youngster’s needs.

For example, possible treatments include:

  • 30 day assessment and intervention that manages critical or dangerous behaviours
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy to teach teens how to spot signs of dysfunction and make positive changes overall
  • Substance abuse education and treatment
  • Educational programs that empower your teen to make up lost ground and possibly rejoin peers
  • Role-playing and process group participation that lets youngsters find new ways of resolving old problem behaviours
  • One-on-one counselling that opens the door for frank conversations and honesty
  • Recreational therapy that fosters a sense of self-esteem, boosts self-reliance, and builds social skills

Group therapy is a big part of the intervention. It encourages healthy relationship building with peers. In the process, it teaches problem-solving skills and focuses on healthy conflict resolution. Because some teens have a difficult time with anger issues, anger management classes could be a separate treatment option.

Long-Term Goals

Schools for learning disabilities may only focus on one aspect of the teen’s needs. Returning to the original school might be a better option. You’ll be able to discuss the various choices with therapists. Therefore, you’ll have an excellent understanding of what would be in the teen’s best interest.

Most importantly, a primary goal must be to rebuild trust and enable productive communication within the family. The teen will have involvement in shaping all modalities, which gives him or her ownership of recovery. In fact, combine this with customized education, and it’s easy to see how treatment could change your and your teen’s lives.

Enroll in the temporary private special education school in Canada that parents can count on. Venture Academy specialists routinely work with parents who don’t know where else to turn. You have a good kid who just needs a little extra attention and assistance. Call *DM_DirectNumber format=period orig=(855) 281-5813* today to start making lasting changes.