Many families, like yours, deal with the challenging task of finding substance abuse counselling for teens. When your loved one is battling addiction, it’s a difficult time in your lives. The help of a quality treatment centre designed for teens and young adults. When your teen suffers specialized needs, you suffer from anxiety and stress. Canada provides various quality options for your teen’s lasting recovery and redirection onto a healthier, happier path, not for you, but the entire family.

Uncovering Substance Abuse Counselling for Teens

Substance Abuse Counseling For Troubled TeensTo discover the right substance abuse counselling for your teen, you must consider needs from your loved ones. By understanding their problems, your search for solutions is easier. You’re not alone in the journey to a lasting recovery. Venture Academy provides assessment and individualized treatment planning for teens.

Venture Academy’s assessment programs is a 30-day program that provides crisis stabilization for your teen while also enabling the whole family a break from self-destruction and chaos. As your family strengthens, your teen benefits from behaviour assessment and intervention to better understand their actions.

After 30 days, you understand what substance abuse counselling your teen needs and how to provide that for them. This is the first step in educational and treatment planning for your loved one.

Deciding upon a location for your teen’s substance abuse counselling is as tricky and coming to terms with their need for treatment, in the first place. Therefore, you have the option of sending them far from home or keep them in your home region.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Troubled Teens: What to Expect

Your teen’s substance abuse counselling and rehab treatment do not just focus on drug and alcohol treatment. Instead, your teen gains help for additional needs along with substance abuse counselling. Substance abuse affects their whole life, brain, body and behaviours. True recovery relies on your teen’s healing in all areas of their life.

First of all, teen substance abuse usually begins with other problems. This is common for both teens and adults, for family difficulties, negative peer relationships, school problems and mental disorders like ADD, depression and anxiety leading to substance abuse. The right counselling treats the root of their issues while also focusing on relapse prevention. Consequently, the goal is for your young person to enjoy a long, productive and healthy life making positive choices without substance abuse.

Above all, Venture Academy understands the key to your teen’s recovery and healthy future lies in their complete wellness.

In addition, treatment programs include:

  • Essential developmental skills
  • Healthy family functioning
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Emotional growth support and fostering a healthy lifestyle
  • Daily living skills development and monitoring
  • A variety of recreational opportunities

The Best Substance Abuse Treatment for Your Teen

Venture Academy understands your troubled teen deserves the best possible future. Our accredited treatment programs support young teens like yours in development of positive life strategies. At Venture Academy, your teen gains the solutions and skills needed for more exceptional quality of life. With available treatment programs in Alberta and Ontario, you’re able to suit your decision. For example, parents have the options on whether your teen needs to stay close to home or experience a change of scenery for greater focus on their own needs.

At Venture Academy, your teen’s treatment for substance abuse includes:

Certainly, it’s time to get your teen the help they need. With Venture Academy’s help, your whole family recovers from substance abuse and other problems, for the future you all deserve. Finally, for more information about available programs for your loved one, call Venture Academy at *DM_DirectNumber format=period orig=(855) 281-5813*.