Substance abuse, behavioural issues, and academic problems are all common issues that teens face today. Individual counselling is one type of therapy that professionals often use to help teens overcome these problems.

At Venture Academy, our treatment programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of teens who are dealing with substance use issues and possible mental health disorders. Our team recognises that individual counselling should be the foundation of any effective treatment program. Learn more about the benefits of individual counselling and why seeking professional help is so important from our Venture Academy team by calling 866.762.2211 or filling out our online form.

Benefits of Individual Counselling

individual counselling for teens | Venture AcademyAs teens are still developing the skills required to function in daily life as an adult, they don’t always make the best decisions. As issues with behaviour, disrespect, or substance abuse become common, it’s helpful to know the benefits that can come from seeking individual counselling for your teen. Consider the following positive aspects that individual counselling can offer.

Understanding the Reason Behind the Issue

In many cases, it can be helpful to fully understand the reason why a problem developed in the first place. This insight can provide helpful clues for implementing changes that will address the problem and keep it from recurring in the future. For example, those facing substance abuse can benefit significantly from determining traits that make this problem more likely to occur. Individuals can also start to make changes to prevent it from happening again and to recognise when temptations are likely to arise.

Making Positive Lifestyle Changes in the Face of Opposition

Your teen’s peers may not fully understand or support the changes he needs to make in order to overcome his behaviour issues or substance abuse problems. As a result, your teenager will require helpful tools that he can rely on even if those around him don’t fully support his desires for positive change. Treatment professionals can provide ongoing support and effective tools to allow your teen to cope with any situation that arises in the future, even if he lacks immediate support from those around him at the time.

Developing Positive Thought Patterns

Negative patterns of thinking can become deeply ingrained and prevent necessary improvements from taking place. Negative thoughts often become a severe problem that can lead to more self-destructive behaviour and extreme resistance to positive change that brings about healing. Counselling sessions can help your teen recognise and change negative thought patterns to thoughts that are more conducive to overall healing and a well-balanced life.

Improving Communication Skills

Proper communication is vital in all aspects of life. Whether it is referring to communication within the immediate family, at school, or with peers, being able to convey thoughts in a healthy manner is vital. Counselling can help teach your teenager to understand how to communicate his feelings, desires, and needs in a healthier way. This can improve your family life and help your teen’s personal relationships with others in the future.

Offering an Atmosphere of Understanding

Teens often express that they feel others don’t understand their trials. In some cases, simply having a person outside the immediate family express understanding and empathy can be overwhelmingly powerful. Teens experiencing behaviour issues or drug and alcohol abuse require even more understanding as they go through the effort involved in turning these issues around and making significant changes in their lives.

Why Is Seeking Professional Treatment Important?

Many people need the help of a quality residential treatment program in order to overcome complex issues fully. Rather than being seen as a sign of weakness, reaching out for professional help is a sign of courage and inner strength. The majority of those facing substance abuse and severe behaviour issues need a network of solid support to fall back on in order to recover from these problems completely.

Learn More About Venture Academy’s Individual Counselling Programs

Venture Academy is a residential treatment facility with several locations throughout Canada. Whether your teen is experiencing issues with substance abuse, risk-taking behaviours, or academic problems, we are here to provide individualized assistance. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals carefully evaluates and develops a personalized plan of behavioural or drug and alcohol treatment for each to ensure that they have the tools necessary to make a complete recovery.

After our 30 Day Assessment and Intervention, our team will determine the best treatment programs for your teen, including:

  • Behavioural treatment
  • Drug and alcohol treatment
  • School programs and education
  • Helping teens with an addiction to technology

If your teen’s behaviour issues have been affecting the health of your family, you don’t have to suffer alone. Your teen can overcome any issues they are experiencing by seeking proper help at a quality treatment center. Contact Venture Academy at 866.762.2211 to find out how we can help you restore peace and balance to your household.