Your teen or young adult suffers in his or her need for dyslexia treatment program help. Suffering the symptoms of this disorder without help makes life feel hopeless, like an uphill climb they travel alone. But through the right treatment, your loved one overcomes their condition and gains the easier daily lifestyle they need for better learning, understanding, and growth into a brighter future.

Teens That Don’t Enter A Dyslexia Treatment Program: What Happens?

Even very bright young people struggle with dyslexia. They usually function well, without signs of problems, until their preteen or teen years. But during secondary school, things start falling apart as they struggle to keep up with peers and function in daily life.

Dyslexia Treatment Program in Canada.Signs indicating your teen or young adult needs a dyslexia treatment program include:

  • Repeatedly reading and re-reading the same materials for understanding
  • Difficulty in keeping up with homework and deadlines
  • Difficulty in learning foreign languages
  • Struggling in higher math subjects like algebra
  • Poor standardized test performance and scores

Many young people escape accurate diagnosis of their dyslexia until teens or young adulthood, due to the changing mental challenges of these age groups. You start seeing problems where you did not before and likely wonder if they suffer one or more learning disorders.

So when your teen or young adult receives a diagnosis of dyslexia after extended struggles in school and home life, what do you do? For many, the right option is for a dyslexia treatment program in Canada. Venture Academy provides teens and young adults through age 25 with this important behavioural health care. Treatment takes place in either of two locations for Venture Academy, in Alberta and Ontario.

How a Dyslexia Treatment Program Helps Your Teen

Your teen or young adult gains an individualized treatment program at Venture Academy, one designed for their best overall wellness. This plan includes treatment for dyslexia, as well as other accompanying disorders. Many young people with learning disorders also suffer other behavioural problems, such as substance abuse, depression or anxiety.

As part of your teen or young adult’s treatment, they work with a variety of specialists. These specialists usually focus on specific treatment needs and methods. Through this approach, your loved one gains evidence-based therapies and practices needed for better daily living, stability, and happiness.

The dyslexia treatment program usually starts with testing to match your young person’s needs with the right methods. These tests include those for reading and writing.

Once your teen or young adult’s academic and learning needs are clear, treatment professionals develop an approach to make learning easier for them. Some of these approaches help them “catch up” with peers. Others teach them how to use adaptive methods to learn as they will best, now and in the future.

Your teen or young adult also goes through a range of therapies to help with their past and present psychological struggles. These therapies include:

Teen Dyslexia Treatment in Canada

Venture Academy in Canada provides a range of behavioural health programs for teens and young adults. So your young person gets the help they need in dyslexia treatment alongside their peers. This setting provides support as they work through daily living problems and psychological struggles of their disorders.