teen therapy private addiction treatment center alberta program in red deerBeing the parent of a teenager is almost always challenging. If your teen exhibits depression, violence or drug or alcohol abuse, though, you may not know what to do. Staying awake all night worrying about what your child is doing or who they are with is exhausting. Failed communication attempts with your teen are anguishing, as are the countless fights and open defiance. Our private addiction treatment centre in Alberta can help.

While raising a troubled teen may seem impossible, these years will pass. In the meantime, you can take steps to ease the tension and strain at home. These steps can help your troubled teen turn into a successful, happy young adult. For instance, you may want to seek out our 30-day assessment and intervention program. Behaviour treatment programs for teens are also available through our facility in addition to drug and alcohol treatment programs.

The Need for a Private Addiction Treatment Centre in Alberta

Raising an adolescent means dealing with behaviour that doesn’t seem to make sense. Teens have a rep for being defiant, impulsive and moody. Research shows that the teen brain has different wiring than a child or adult brain. Your teen’s brain is still in the development phase, and this means that it takes in and handles information differently than yours does.

The frontal cortex, which is the area of the brain that manages emotions, controls inhibitions and makes decisions, restructures itself during the teen years. It develops new synapses super-fast. Also, a human’s brain doesn’t reach full maturity until a person is in their mid-20s. These brain facts don’t make poor teen behaviour okay. However, it may explain why your child acts impulsively or in a way that you find infuriating. Understanding how adolescents develop may help you figure out how to stay connected to your child and work together to deal with problems.

When Should I Seek the Services of a Treatment Centre?

If your teenager’s friends become extremely important and are highly influential, this is normal teen behavior. As teens focus more of their attention on their friends, they withdraw from their parents. This may hurt your feelings, but your child still needs your love and attention. You should consider seeking the services of a private addiction treatment program in Red Deer if your teen’s peer group suddenly changes, especially if these new friends are urging your teen into behaving poorly. If your teen suddenly refuses to comply with reasonable boundaries and rules or attempts to avoid negative consequences by lying, then it might be time to seek help. Also, if your teen starts spending a lot of time alone, this may also be an indicator that there is a problem.

It’s normal teen behaviour when your child starts pursuing his or her independence, resulting in frequent arguments with you. However, a sign that you should consider turning to a private treatment program like ours is when arguments with your teen always escalate or become violent. If your kid is getting involved in fights or having run-ins with law officials, this is behaviour that’s beyond typical teen rebellion.

Help from Venture Academy

Developmental changes and hormones affect your teen. This means that it is normal for your kid to be irritable, have trouble dealing with emotions or experience mood swings. What isn’t normal is a sudden personality change, constant sadness, extreme anxiety or problems sleeping. Take suicidal signs seriously and seek help from a private treatment facility like ours. At Venture Academy, we don’t have waitlists. Instead, we accommodate admissions as soon as we can to ensure that your son or daughter gets the treatment that they need quickly.

Some of the services we offer include:

An Addiction Treatment Centre in Alberta You Can Trust

Help for your child is available, private help that’s designed to achieve long-time results. A quality treatment facility like ours can help your child with behaviour, academic or substance abuse related issues. Whether your teen has started lying or is suffering from an electronic addiction or showing a lack of respect, we have knowledgeable staff who can help. For more information about our private addiction treatment programs, call Venture Academy at 866.762.2211.