When teenagers get help for behaviour problems, substance abuse, or other issues, they also need support for academic recovery. Otherwise, struggling students can fall behind their peers. The right programs can help teenagers get the clinical and therapeutic support they need while still working toward their academic success.

Why Academic Recovery Is Important

The goal of academic recovery is to get students to overcome challenges and obstacles in the classroom. Often, students are unable to succeed in a normal classroom setting because of the large class sizes. They need individual attention if they want to overcome problems. Some teenagers become disruptive because they are frustrated or disheartened by their lack of success. It seems like no matter how hard they work at school, their grades are never good enough.

Over time, these students may give up and stop caring above their studies. They may deal with school suspensions or fail their classes. It feels like they are outsiders looking in on the standard education system.

How the Process WorksAcademic Recovery for Teens.

When a teenager starts a residential treatment program, they get therapeutic support and help changing their behaviour. At the same time, they also get help through academic recovery options. A good program includes an individualized curriculum so that the student gets the exact help they need. Educational and psychological assessments help the treatment program specialist figure out which options are right for the student.

Initially, the program will focus on improving the student’s results in core subjects. Through engagement, individualized focus, and interactions, the student feels confident again. They gain learning techniques that help them know how to prepare for a test or an exam. As the student finishes the program, they can create a transition plan for returning to their normal school.

What Are the Benefits?

Academic recovery allows students to get individualized plans. These plans match the student’s unique needs instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. The student also receives support from counsellors who offer one-on-one guidance in creating lesson plans, setting goals, and achieving academic milestones.

In this type of setting, students get smaller classes and more individual attention. Better access to instructors improves the student’s chances of success. Instead of repetitive, boring lesson plans, students get an innovative, cutting-edge curriculum that allows for interactive learning.

Troubled Teens Can Benefit From Different Types of Support

At the right program, teenagers will find more than just academic recovery options. The right program can offer help with issues like anger management, sexual habits, electronic addictions, substance abuse, respect problems, and behaviour issues. In the right program, students can get help through options such as:

  • Assessments and interventions
  • Long-term treatment plans
  • Youth detox program
  • Emotional growth support, counselling, and therapy
  • Experiential learning and life skills coaching

The right support and guidance can give your child an opportunity for a fresh start. Through the right treatment, your teenager can get a new chance at living a healthy, fulfilling life. To find out how we can help your teen succeed, call us today at 866.762.2211.