When you think about people addicted to drugs or alcohol, do you also think of signs of an addictive personality? This way of thinking is actually outdated, as today we know that young people can overcome their substance use disorder. Moreover, teens and young adults with drug or alcohol abuse problems do not face a continuing destiny of these problems. That is, if they get the right help.

About Addictive Personality TypesDo you have an addictive personality?

Although no one suffers a concrete destiny for substance use disorder, people still believe in the myth of addictive personality. Furthermore, this is part of the human need to label things. Maybe you want to know what traits to look for, to decide if your teen needs help now or has risk for this problem in their future.

The concept of addictive personalities is part reality and part myth. Scientists continue studying substance use disorders to learn more ways of detecting the potential for these problems in a young person’s life.

First, we know genes play a role in substance use disorder and other mental and behavioural illnesses. Children born to substance abusing parents, but adopted by healthy parents, still tend to experience greater risk for substance abuse. The same holds true for twins: If one twin suffers substance use disorder, the other often does, too. In addition, researchers believe genes provide for about 50 percent of an “addictive personality.”

However, genes do not determine your young person’s definite path in life. Even with addictive markers in their genes, they control their own destiny. The other half of the addictive traits include environment, social connections, influencers, and education.

Mythical Side of Addictive Personality

There is no one type of personality most prone to substance abuse. Instead, very different people from very different personality types end up in the same position of substance abuse. Therefore, not every person with this disorder shares traits in common.

Beyond this mythical side of addictive personality types are some common traits of high risk for substance abuse. For example, these traits include:

  • Family members who abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Co-occurring mental health problems
  • Adventurous, risk taking tendencies
  • Social disconnection and caution
  • Obsessive and compulsive nature
  • Apathetic behaviour
  • Lacking self-control

Does Your Teen Have An Addictive Personality?

If your loved one struggles with issues related to behaviours, such as problems self-regulating or controlling himself, therapy helps. Through these therapies, your teen learns skills for managing behaviors so they don’t fall into addiction.

If your teen or young adult already abuses substances, therapy programs help them safely away from addiction. Moreover, they learn coping skills and gain the support they need to live in sobriety. They also gain control of the harmful traits putting them at risk for new or ongoing substance abuse.

One of the most important things in starting treatment is ensuring the therapies are effective. This means evidence backs up the success of the therapy methods. Therefore, where do you find this evidence-based therapy and other treatments your young person needs for a clean and healthy future? In Canada, Venture Academy provides this important help.

Canadian Treatments for Teen Substance Abuse and Other Behavioural Problems

Venture Academy helps young people with behavioural problems, mental illness, substance use disorder, and other conditions get back on track to a better, healthier way of life. At Venture Academy, treatment includes a wide range of therapies designed for best results and a healthy future for your teen.

For example, Venture Academy therapies and treatments include:

Two locations across Canada in Alberta and Ontario make your teen’s time at Venture Academy convenient for the whole family. If you need help getting your teen or young adult back on track, call Venture Academy today at 1-866-762-2211. Through the right behaviour treatment, your child’s life can be stable, healthy, happy, and productive.