Substance abuse is an issue that affects all ages and demographics. However, it’s especially troubling for teens. Because their brains haven’t fully developed yet, abusing drugs or alcohol at a young age can stunt physical and mental growth, as well as lead to adulthood issues. As parents, we never want to see our children go down that dangerous path. At Venture Academy, our goal is to intervene with substance abuse treatment before things get worse.

The Importance of Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Teens Doing Pills and Smoking Cigarettes Who Need Substance Abuse TreatmentWhen it comes to teens and illicit substances, there’s no such thing as moderation. Any amount of consumption is unsafe, especially when teens are unaware of their limitations. Aside from the physical side effects, abusing substances can impact academic performance, social relationships, and even family relationships.

While substance abuse can have a devastating impact on teen growth, it’s important to not underscore how it affects parents. You may be reading this right now and asking, “Where did I go wrong? Why is my teen doing this?”

First off, don’t blame yourself. Not only do teens struggle with peer pressure, but they’re also going through various hormonal changes that impact their judgment. When you combine these adolescent rush of emotions with drug and alcohol use, it’s not uncommon for teens to fall into dangerous behaviour patterns.

At Venture Academy, we never believe that it’s too late to guide teens in the right direction. Through compassionate and therapeutic substance abuse treatment, our experienced clinical professionals can help your child overcome these destructive behaviours and achieve brighter futures.

We understand that you and your family are experiencing a crisis, and that each passing day your child struggles with substance abuse. Because of this, we try to avoid putting your teen on a waiting list. We work with families to get their children help as soon as possible.

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program takes an individualized approach to substance abuse treatment. We know there’s no universal approach that works for all teens. During our 30 Day Assessment and Intervention process, we take the time to get to know your son or daughter. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates to develop a comprehensive substance abuse treatment plan. Based on their findings, they team up with parents and discuss options for further treatment.

In addition to residential substance abuse treatment, we also offer an Outreach Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for 15-19 year-olds. This program allows teens to continue living within their home communities while receiving individual and group counselling.

About Venture Academy

Along with evidence-based substance abuse treatment approaches, we offer a number of residential treatment programs that help troubled teens transform their lives. Since 2001, we’ve helped teens throughout Canada overcome issues with:

  • School or academic difficulties as a result of ADD, ODD, or other behavioural challenges
  • Family problems
  • Electronic addiction
  • Cyberbullying

Help your teen take the step toward a better life. Call Venture Academy today at 866.762.2211.