Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects one in ten young people, more often boys. This condition sounds simple, yet creates a wide range of symptoms making your teen difficult to manage. Therefore, teen ADHD treatment will guide your child to overall wellness and happiness.

Left untreated, your teen with ADHD faces a future of problems at work and home. These problems include struggles in school, learning, substance abuse, career, and relationships. However, with the right behaviour treatment, they gain the bright future they deserve.

Living with ADHDTeen ADHD treatment benefits

No one yet knows what causes ADHD. In fact, many experts believe the condition has genetic ties, along with environmental, biological, and nutritional causes. Whatever its roots, ADHD creates chaos in daily life. For example, symptoms range from mild to extreme.

Researchers identified three subtypes of ADHD. These include your teen being unable to maintain attention, through both hyperactivity and inattentiveness.

Teen ADHD treatment for attention deficit include struggling with distraction and inattention. For example, does your teen appear forgetful and loses things frequently? Furthermore, they may show signs of learning problems, appearing to daydream or boredom. They may also struggle to process information or follow directions.

Hyperactivity appears through constant moving, talking, touching, and struggling to sit still. In addition, your teen may struggle to work quietly and suffer sleep problems. Impulse control problems occur through impatience, quick frustration, acting without thinking, and difficulty in delaying gratification.

ADHD as Part of Co-Occurring Conditions

Teens with ADHD often remain undiagnosed. This leaves them open to co-occurring conditions that make life even harder. Furthermore, many adults around them assume their ADHD behaviours relate to other emotional or behavioural problems.

Disorders occurring with ADHD include anxiety, substance abuse, and learning disabilities. In fact, teens with ADHD suffer twice the likelihood of being in car accidents or suffering addiction, as compared to other teens without ADHD.

Teen ADHD Treatment Benefits

If your child suffers from this condition, they deserve teen ADHD treatment. Without the right help, they suffer much greater likelihood for anxiety, self-esteem problems, depression, and addiction. Although no cure for this condition exists, the right ADHD treatment helps your young person gain a more stable and productive life. Therefore, teen ADHD treatment usually includes a mix of therapies, medication, and other behavioral programs. Troubled teen programs for young people with ADHD include individual, group, and family therapy.

ADHD Treatment in Canada

At this time, you may feel distressed and deeply worried about your teen and his or her future. However, you easily regain hope when your child starts achieving goals and improving in their life pursuits during the right treatment. That treatment takes place at Venture Academy.

Venture Academy’s teen ADHD programs take place in three locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Whether your child enters the program in Kelowna, Red Deer or Barrie, their future brightens with each passing day. For example, Venture Academy provides a variety of treatment methods and programs, including:

Your teen can have the future they deserve. With the right behavioural and education programs, you soon see your child thriving and growing.

Call Venture Academy now at 866.762.2211 for information about available programs. Take this important step now and guide your teen to a brighter future.