Accessing Services

Our services are easily accessible for older struggling teens and young adults. All it takes is a phone call or email. We ask for some background information such the current situation and immediate needs. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness to our clients’ needs and can have a cient admitted into Venture Academy usually within the week. Admission details (dates, meetings, transportation, etc.) will be arranged and confirmed on an individual basis.


Venture Academy’s Screening Assessment is a comprehensive tool that provides a format for assessing the applicant’s strengths, needs, preferences, interests and abilities. This information, combined with the optional psychological assessment, is part of the basis on which Venture Academy will establish goals, develop plans on how to achieve the identified goals, and determine overall service objectives and a plan of care with the applicant. The Treatment Plan guides Venture Academy’s therapeutic approach and intervention methods with each participant. All submitted information is confidential.

Crisis Admission

There may be times in the lives of families when treatment services are needed immediately. In these situations Venture Academy can help families by accommodating a client admission usually within just a few days.

Intervention Service

Most worries can be eliminated with the engagement of a professionals Interventionist skilled and experienced in assisting families with supporting their loved one in accessing help. Call us for more information.

Interest Survey

Venture Academy has provided an on line Interest Survey that youth may fill out. No identifying information required.The completed survey will provide Venture Academy with some background information regarding the individual should he or she become enrolled in the program. Our survey also serves as an opportunity for self-discovery, allowing the individual an opportunity to re-think themselves and their experiences in a way he or she may not have done for some time.