Through the time that our daughter has been with your program we have been encouraged by the phone calls as well as the face to face meetings with all of you! We would like to summarize our time with Venture.

When we contacted Gordon Hay on June 10th of last year we were very grateful for the thorough and informative interview by telephone and the quick response in providing the application forms and in the immediate response when you received it. The fact that you had an opening for our daughter was an answer to our prayers for help with our situation.

The admission was very difficult for us as a family but the sensitivity of your staff was much appreciated and helped us through this process. Once again the thorough interviews helped us to share our situation with you. We felt that you were very understanding and competent. Having reviewed the qualifications of your staff we felt secure in entrusting our daughter to you for the complete care of her physically and emotionally.

During the next six weeks the phone contacts with you carried us through this difficult separation from our daughter. The warmth expressed in referring to her as (“wonderful and lovely daughter”) reaffirmed our feelings for our daughter. The kindness and empathy that you as a staff expressed in talking to us encouraged us greatly, knowing that we had made the right decision in entrusting our daughter to Venture Academy.

Our first visit was like a breath of fresh air! She spent the first hours bubbling with love as she enthusiastically shared with us about the time that we had been separated. She made the comment that she had felt that something had been missing and now she knew what; family. We had a wonderful weekend with her without any problems at all.

Starting school in Kelowna was another big step for our daughter and we noticed some regression in her progress. The small school however seemed to be the right fit for her.

Speaking of the right fit, the family that our daughter stayed was a very good match for her. They provided the comfort zone for. The many hours that they spent in talking with her was exactly what she needed! All the advice and the care gave our daughter a wonderful home away from home. Thanks for making her sixteenth birthday a special event!

Being able to come for the wedding was very special for our daughter; her first reunion with her family after four months. Picking her up in Grande Prairie and again bringing her to Edmonton for her flight back gave us many hours of wonderful conversation through which we could sense the long way that our daughter had already come!

The Christmas break gave us a time of proving progress. We had looked forward to this with some apprehension but it proved to be far better than we had hoped. We were able to spend a lot of time together as a family. She was also able to reconnect with some of her friends.

As we anticipate our daughter’s graduation from Venture Academy this week we are grateful for the decision that we made to enroll her with your program. The progress that she has made certainly speaks very highly of the team at Venture Academy! We would definitely recommend your organization to anyone who has parent/child conflict in the family!

Thank you to all the staff!!!!!!!

– Anonymous, Alberta