Distance. When you are close together one doesn’t notice distance but when apart it starts to become apparent. That was our situation with our son. Throughout his younger years we were close knit as a family and did everything together. As the teen years were entered “distance” was starting to form. Our many attempts at removing that distance resulted in furthering the gap and lack of communication between our son was deepening. Undesirable friends, bad decisions, disregard for rules had replaced any suggestion, help, etc. we attempted. What to do? After much discussion and research, our journey to seek out some form of help for our son led us to Venture Academy located in Kelowna, B.C. After initial contact between my wife and Gordon Hay with the Venture Academy we felt we had found a solution to our distant relationship issue with our son. From the onset, nothing but straightforward, honest help and feedback was received from Venture Academy with regards to the program, its makeup, approach, and experience with families in similar situations. That was just by the first initial phone calls. It was upon arrival with our son to the office of Venture Academy where we truly felt at ease with our decision to enroll our son in the program. To sum it up: personal and professional to say the least. From start to finish the change in our son was remarkable and all owing to Venture Academy and staff. As a business person who has dealt with many people, I can honestly say Venture Academy is on an “A” List. We look forward to our revived future with our son, sans the distance. Thank you Venture Academy for taking our son and working with him during our difficult time.

– D & KS, Bonnyville