The first step to recovery from cocaine addiction is finding professional help and treatment. So, if you are struggling with cocaine addiction, we can help. Venture Academy offers comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment. Our therapists provide support and care during every phase of your recovery.

Whether you need detox, initial treatment, or long-term care, we offer opportunities for full recovery at our drug and alcohol treatment center. We can help you determine the necessary levels of care you need based on the depth of your addiction and how long you have been on cocaine. In short, we can get you on the road to recovery.

Why Cocaine is So Addictive

cocaine addiction treatmentCocaine is addictive for one main reason: It helps your body release dopamine, which is a natural neurotransmitter that makes you happy, gives you intense feelings of a high, or creates energy. Once you feel that burst of dopamine, you want to experience it over, and again Addictive behaviour patterns reveal themselves through this drug.

The more cocaine you take, the more your body develops a tolerance for it. As a result, you need more cocaine to feel high. Eventually, your body develops a tolerance for cocaine, and you have a full addiction to the substance. This is why cocaine is extremely addictive. At Venture Academy, our teen cocaine addiction treatment center has provided people with the help they need to overcome their cocaine addiction.

The Risks of Cocaine Use

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Cocaine is strong enough to be lethal if you overdose on it. It can also have long-term side effects if you continue to use it for a long time. Side effects of cocaine may not be evident at first. However, the longer you use it, the more obvious the side effects will become.

Some of the risks of cocaine use may include:

  • Stroke, heart attack, or other similar problems
  • Respiratory problems or high blood pressure
  • Memory loss or mental disorders
  • Hepatitis B or C infection or HIV infection
  • Seizures or other neurological problems
  • Memory loss or slowed brain function

There are numerous other risks of cocaine addiction. In some cases, the risks occur instantly. In other cases, they can develop slowly over time. Either way, cocaine use is not worth the risk. We can help you get off of cocaine and stay off of cocaine. Teen drug addiction is not something to mess around with. Treatment is necessary.

Treatments and Programs Available for Cocaine Addiction

We offer a wide range of treatments available for cocaine addiction, such as:

Regardless of the type of treatment you need, you can get it at Venture Academy. When you first arrive, we will perform an assessment and discuss your current addiction or any other issues you wish to address.

Once we diagnose your addiction and any other mental health issues you may be dealing with, we can then develop a treatment plan based on your needs. We want to help you recover in a way that is best for you.

Benefits of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

As you progress through cocaine addiction treatment, you will begin to experience some of the benefits. A few of these numerous benefits include:

  • Round-the-clock care and monitoring
  • Supportive staff and peers
  • A safe environment
  • Therapeutic sessions
  • Enhanced physical and mental health

Start Your Cocaine Addiction Treatment Today

If you are addicted to cocaine, there is help available to you today from Venture Academy. We offer comprehensive teen cocaine addiction treatment to help you get off of cocaine and stay off. Call our team today at 866.762.2211, to ask questions, discuss your addiction, and get started with your treatment. We can help you break the cycle of addiction today.