Teen drug addiction can have life-altering consequences for many adolescents. Many of them struggle to escape the vicious cycle. The information below will talk about some of the complex issues surrounding teen drug addiction. It will also alert you to the common warning signs. By recognizing these signs, you can get the necessary help for your teen right away.

Issues Surrounding Teens and Addiction

Mother concerned about teen drug addiction

Adolescents face various challenges due to their stage of development. These challenges can sometimes increase the risk of a teen succumbing to substance abuse or addiction. In some cases, peer pressure and the desire to fit in with others can create the perfect storm for an addiction to develop. Since adolescents may also lack the ability to see the long-term consequences of their actions, they may not always see the serious nature of addiction problems.

Signs of Teen Drug Addiction

As a parent or family member of a teenager, it’s vital to be aware of teen drug addiction signs. If you’re able to recognize these signs early on, you may prevent a problem from becoming more severe. Pay attention to the following common signs of teen drug addiction.

Social Withdrawal

Adolescence automatically comes with difficult mood swings and physical changes. When these issues combine with substance abuse or addiction, a teen may suddenly become sullen, depressed, or anxious. Many teens struggling with addiction will also isolate themselves from others and lose interest in important hobbies.

Hiding Friends or Behaviours

When teens begin abusing drugs or alcohol, their circle of friends often changes. As a result of trying to hide their problems, teens may have a new circle of friends they don’t want you to meet. They may also lie about their whereabouts or other details of their daily lives.

Failing to Perform at School

Teens dealing with the effects of addictive substances often find they can’t perform as well academically. It’s important to pay attention to sudden failing grades or disciplinary issues at school.

Borrowing or Stealing Money

The cost of securing addictive substances can add up quickly. If a teen insists on borrowing large amounts of money or is subsequently caught stealing money from others, this behaviour could be connected to addiction.

How to Help a Teen Dealing with Addiction

Teen substance abuse and addiction affect the entire family. It’s only natural that you want to help your teen in any way possible. Many treatment centers will use family therapy in addition to individual counselling as a part of an all-encompassing drug and alcohol treatment plan.

You may have many rehab facility options in your area that provide access to teen drug addiction treatment programs. Additionally, it may be difficult to know if you’re making the right choice. You might consider searching for a facility that offers troubled teen programs, holistic options, and family-centered approaches. Arming yourself with a list of questions and concerns before meeting with each facility can help put your fears to rest.

About Venture Academy

Venture Academy is a behaviour treatment facility that has several independent locations throughout Canada. The team of professionals at Venture Academy provides access to innovative programs designed to meet the treatment needs of adolescents. Problematic behaviours such as addiction, lying, risky sexual activities, and academic problems can all be successfully addressed with multi-disciplinary approaches.

Don’t let behavioural issues or addiction stop your teen from having a successful and happy future.