Service Fees

Venture Academy’s Independent Living Program provides a full spectrum of counselling and support services for our clients. We take into consideration the needs, interests and objectives of our clients and craft an approach that will meet those requirements. Counsellors are available when needed and life skills programs assist participants to manage their personal lives.

At Venture Academy we do not lose sight of the importance of clear direction, and focus in determining ones future.

The Independent Living Program offers participants the tools for success.

Service Fees Include

Clinical and Therapeutic Services

  • “24 hour” emergency on call support from Independent Living Counsellor.
  • Individualized service planning, implementation and accordant reviews.
  • Developmental skill building groups or individual counselling sessions.
  • Meetings or outings with Independent Living Counsellor or Substance Abuse Counsellor as per Individual Service Plan.
  • Regular communication with parents regarding service objectives (if needed).
  • Transition planning – prior to program completion.
  • Transition report – upon program completion.
  • Recommendations and after care planning upon program completion.
  • Outcome evaluations and subsequent reporting.
  • Follow up contact and counsel.

Other Inclusives

  • Food – Meals and snacks provided on Venture Academy sponsored outings.
  • Transportation – Transportation to and from Venture Academy sponsored activities such as recreational outings, identified appointments and to the airport or bus depot for home visits or planned trips.
  • Recreation – All identified activities in the program or in the Individual Service Plan.

Service Fees Do Not Include

  • Medical Treatment – Hospital admission, physician, optometrist or dental costs or prescription medication.·
  • Memberships/Lessons – any individual activities a participant wishes to pursue on his own outside the programming commitments of Venture Academy.
  • Extra Allowance – any additional spending money the participant may desire is the sole responsibility of the participant or parents.
  • Travel – any transportation costs incurred by the participant traveling home or outside their new home community.
  • Clothing – any clothing except as identified by Venture Academy.·
  • Housing – accommodations, temporary or permanent residences.