Primary Goal

To get your adult child to eliminate unhealthy and unproductive behaviours and replace those negative behaviours with a positive and healthy mindset and productive and successful life.

Program Objectives

  1. To assess the needs of struggling youth or young adults and support their engagement in our program for struggling youth and young adults.
  2. To provide therapeutic residential supprt and supervision for young adults who are in need of rehabilitative services and individualized treatment.
  3. To provide individual intervention, counselling and coaching to assist young adults to improve their functioning at work, at school or in the community.
  4. To assist struggling adults ages 19-25 in acquiring developmentally appropriate skills (problem-solving/decision-making, assertiveness, anger management, conflict resolution, etc.).
  5. To provide individual and/or small group services which will assist youth to develop skills and awareness in relation to daily living, interpersonal relationships, health, education, employment, and substance abuse.
  6. To assist youth to develop healthy lifestyles which do not include reliance on alcohol or drugs.
  7. To support youth and their families to reduce conflict and promote functional roles and healthy relationships.
  8. To support and advocate for youth in engaging in appropriate educational and/or vocational programming.
  9. To support youth in engaging in healthy, appropriate recreational activities.
  10. To introduce youth to tasks required to live independently.