Our Model

Venture Academy provides structured, supervised residential placements, intensive counselling and support services for those who are experiencing difficulties managing their lives.

Venture Academy serves an over 18 client population who may have a history of family difficulties, drug or alcohol abuse, school or employment difficulties, negative peers, residency issues, clinically diagnosed disorders and other behavioural challenges.



Psychological and emotional testing to get to the root causes of behaviours. The assessment provides the groundwork to implement a treatment plan which will provide clients with insight, skills and strategies to reach their potential while providing care givers with valuable information to most effectively support the transition into adulthood.


Residency in a safe, positive and supportive environment free of unhealthy influences and distractions which may be negatively impacting a young persons life.


Programming designed from the ground up to help clients move past thoughts and actions that are negative, destructive, inhibiting healthy relationships, and/or which may be creating barriers to a leading healthy, happy and productive lives. Immediate engagement in a structured, motivational, goal oriented environment begins to create positive momentum. Venture Academy helps clients to recognize their strengths, build self esteem, increase confidence, and become internally motivated to engage in healthy and positive behaviors.


An individualized strategy for success is developed.Common goals might include finishing high school, upgrading to college or other post secondary school or program and/or gaining employment.


Ongoing counseling from a comprehensive group of professionals that may include psychologists, therapists, teachers, counsellors, and adult mentors. This multi-disciplinary approach allows our team to engage clients in a wide range of situations in which we observe and address behaviors and thought processes that have been limiting the individual. There is a focus on real-life practical applications to the counselling.

Sober Living

Residency in an environment supportive of addictive free living breaks the current patterns of dependency including cel phone, internet and gaming. A system of accountability helps maintain sobriety. Addiction counseling helps clients explore their abuse cycle, understand and manage relapse triggers, develop sober living skills/activities and find motivation to live a balanced lifestyle free from addiction.

Life Skills

Providing young persons with the necessary skills to create success in their lives. Healthy life skills are practiced in residence which can include such things as goal setting, scheduling, physical health, finances, effective communication, managing emotions, and living a balanced lifestyle.


Young adults reside in a safe and supportive therapeutic home model environment with Venture Academy adult mentors. There is 24-hour support and supervision maintained throughout our programs. Our mentors provide a warm and positive environment that is ideal for positive change to occur. Self care expectations and daily living tasks are monitored and supported.