mother and daughter discussing confidential teen addiction treatment ontarioA major barrier in treating substance abuse in teens is that many teens are reluctant to speak openly to adults because they’re afraid of being punished. For many troubled teens, confidential teen addiction treatment in Ontario can be a solution to this problem. This type of rehab can help with all sorts of behavioural issues, ranging from cell phone addiction to substance abuse. Understanding how private addiction treatment works will help you decide if it is right for your family’s needs.

What Is Confidential Teen Addiction Treatment in Ontario?

This type of treatment is different from several other types of therapy due to the confidential nature of the treatment. Many teen and family therapists operate with a communicative style where the therapist can share what the teen discussed in therapy with the parents. This open method of therapy can facilitate better communication between teens and parents, but it is not for everyone.

In situations where a teenager is not comfortable sharing everything with their parents, confidential therapy may be a better choice. In this type of treatment, therapists do not share their notes with the parents. Instead, teens can expect anything that they reveal to remain between them and their counsellors. It is set up to focus on building trust and handling a teen’s substance abuse disorder or other behavioural issues on a personal basis instead of involving their family in every detail of the teen’s life.

Though this style of treatment is mostly confidential, keep in mind that counsellors may be legally required to report some of the things they learn to an authority. Anything that signifies the teen may be a danger to themselves or others might need to be shared with the teen’s parents or healthcare professionals. This can include:

  • Detailed planning of future self-harm or suicide
  • Involvement in certain illegal activities
  • Behaviour that may endanger other minors
  • Suspicions of abuse
  • Planning violence toward others

The Reason You Should Consider Confidential Teen Addiction Treatment in Ontario

The most important thing that private addiction treatment does is give teenagers space to talk freely. According to research from the Journal of Ethics, some teens may otherwise hide things during therapy due to concerns of punishment. Since a therapist is not as close to the situation as a parent is, they can hear about things like sexual activity or substance use without reacting as strongly. This helps teens build a close relationship with their therapist that can be highly beneficial to treatment.

Many parents are concerned about confidentiality because they want to fix problems in their families. However, it is impossible to heal a family when the individuals in it are struggling. Confidential drug addiction treatment lets therapists first address addiction in an environment where the teen feels safe. Then, once the teen is recovering, parents can join them for family therapy that helps to rebuild the family as a whole.

Treatments Offered During Treatment

Other than being more confidential in nature, private addiction treatment is fairly similar to standard drug addiction treatment. Trained therapists and counsellors will work with the teen to uncover the root cause of their behavioural challenges and find healthier ways of coping with stress. At Venture Academy, teens who get confidential treatment from us will take part in a variety of activities, including:

Venture Academy’s programs for troubled teens may be confidential, but they still provide benefits to the whole family. Our caring and supportive staff can help teenagers overcome substance abuse, family difficulties, schooling and learning challenges and more. With the right support, we believe any teen can learn to make smart decisions and lead a healthy life. Get your family on the path to recovery by calling us today at 866.762.2211.