Venture Academy’s 30 Day Assessment and Intervention Process is designed to effectively and efficiently gather clinically pertinent information about your son or daughter’s historical issues and current behavioural challenges. Our team, specializing in working with troubled teens in Canada, interprets our clinical and educational findings and provides you as parents with the answers you have been looking for. Below is a general outline of services provided.

Assessment Implementation

  • I.Q. testing
  • Behaviour function assessment
  • Attention deficit and impulse control assessment
  • Behaviour and attention self report surveys
  • Parent child relationship assessment
  • Personality disorder screening
  • Psychosocial disorder screening
  • Drug use screening inventory
  • Drug and alcohol assessment
  • Strength and asset inventory

Report Findings

  • Assessment interpretations
  • Evaluation review and supporting documentation
  • Recommendations
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • An all-inclusive comprehensive assessment summary and report
  • In person meeting with team members if parents can attend

Continued Education

Getting behind in school should not be a problem while engaging in our assessment and intervention services. Por team will work cooperatively with your son or daughter’s school in order to assist in continuing with any outstanding work or current projects and can assist with transfers if applicable. Please contact Admissions as different logistics are applicable in eah province.

Other services for troubled teens in our short term 30 day process include healthy recreation self esteem building activities etc. A variety of other positive interests and beneficial activities occurs between assessment procedures and counselling sessions.

*Additional and optional services offered pending availability

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