Current Difficulties

Venture Academy’s Behaviour Treatment program for troubled teens provides highly structured and supervised residential placements, intensive counselling, and education for troubled teens ages 13 to 18 who may be experiencing difficulties managing their lives at home, at school, or in the community.

Venture Academy serves struggling teens who may have a history of:

  • underachieving
  • family difficulties
  • school suspensions and learning difficulties
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • problems with the law
  • problematic texting, phone & computer use
  • negative peer relationships
  • clinically diagnosed disorders
  • other significant behavioural challenges

Students accessing the program may be demonstrating behavioural challenges and experiencing emotional difficulties. These behaviours typically prevent youth from healthy functioning in his or her everyday life causing disruptions in school, family life, and social relationships. Teen behaviour is seen as out of control. We help to eliminate the self destructive behaviour and help teens turn their lives around.

Historical Concerns

Possible emotional difficulties, mental health issues, and clinically diagnosed disorders, may include low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, self harm – cutting, poor self-concept, Attention Deficit Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, etc.

Who Gets In

Venture Academy’s individualized approaches enable us to accommodate a variety of struggling youth including those with significant behavioural challenges, and emotional concerns. Venture Academy serves troubled teens in Canada with most families accessing our troubled teen treatment program from Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

Typical Families

Typically, the youth in our program come from loving and caring family environments. Families just like yours. Yes their child’s behaviour is now very serious but it wasn’t always like that. Parents want to take action and address the problem. Please contact us to find out more. (855) 281-5813

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