During adolescence parents may notice detrimental changes in their son or daughter’s school performance, choice of friends, and behaviours in the community or the family home. Parents know they need to do something but may not know where to start.


Venture Academy provides clear direction with our Behaviour Assessment and recommendations. The assessment is conducted by a skilled and experienced Venture Academy Counsellor with findings and recommendations reviewed and approved by the Counsellor’s supervisor and/or members of the Venture Academy Clinical Team.

Simple Process

The process involves personal interview(s), sessional note recording, assessment development, clinical supervision and a follow up meeting to review our findings with the youth and family.

We develop goals and plans on how to achieve those goals based on information provided by the family. The goals and plans are presented in a document called a Service Plan which guides our therapeutic approach when working with youth.

The assessment and recommendations are key to supporting youth in addressing identified behavioural issues.

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