During adolescence parents may notice detrimental changes in their son or daughter’s school performance, choice of friends, and behaviours in the community or the family home. Some parents may suspect that these changes are attributed to drugs and alcohol but may not know what to do next.


Venture Academy provides clarification to unanswered questions with our Drug and Alcohol Assessment. The assessment is conducted by a skilled and experienced Venture Academy Substance Use Counsellor with findings and recommendations reviewed and approved by the Counsellor’s supervisor and/or members of the Venture Academy Clinical Team.

Simple Process

The process involves personal interview(s), sessional note recording, assessment development, clinical supervision and a follow up meeting to review our findings with the youth and family.

The Venture Academy process consists of information gathering and interpretation in order to determine:

1. The client’s usage classification on the continuum of alcohol and drug use:

  • no use
  • experimental use
  • occasional use
  • recreational use
  • habitual use
  • misuse and abuse
  • dependency/addiction

2. The client’s readiness to change according to the Model of Change:

  • precontemplation (in denial or not even thinking about the problem)
  • contemplation (considering the problem but not doing anything about it)
  • determination (has decided to do something about the problem)
  • action (is doing something about the problem)
  • maintenance (carrying out a plan and staying clean)
  • relapse (using drugs or alcohol again)

3. Recommendations for a course of action:

  • prevention and education
  • detoxification
  • treatment

The assessment and recommendations are key to supporting youth in addressing substance abuse and related issues.

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