Is your teen continually checking social media? Does a discussion about losing electronics privileges become one of the worst punishments? If this is the case, he or she might need a process addiction treatment program in BC. Here’s what this looks like at the Venture Academy.

Understanding the Need for a Process Addiction Treatment Program in BCProcess Addiction Treatment Program in BC

Process addictions don’t involve mind-altering substances. In contrast, they deal with behaviours that become compulsive. Although they don’t require drugs, the behaviours still control the teen’s actions. Therefore, they inhibit healthy activities.

It’s important to realize that social media addiction or internet overuse isn’t something your teen can quit. As is the case with substance abuse, the exposure to the stimuli changed her or his brain’s reward system. Dopamine release now directly ties into social media or internet use. Take it away, and your teen struggles with dopamine lulls that could lead to severe depression.

However, how can you tell if the youngster needs help? Warning signs include internet use that crowds out relationships and hobbies. If most interactions take place online, there’s a problem. Most importantly, look for hostility and perhaps even aggressive acting out if you remove internet access.

Teens Need Assistance with Overcoming Process Addictions

Venture Academy specialists frequently work with parents who think that internet addiction treatment might not be necessary. They reason that the teens are in a phase. Similarly, they hope that the youngsters will snap out of it. However, that’s not the case if you’re dealing with addiction.

Look for telltale signs such as lying to cover up social media use, social withdrawal, and slipping grades. There’s also an inability to control social media use. Venture Academy’s process addiction treatment program in BC offers hope. Modalities include:

  • Life skills training that helps youngsters cultivate healthy hobbies and set boundaries
  • Recreational therapy as a tool for increasing self-esteem and assisting teens with relationship building
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy that focuses on developing healthy coping mechanisms overall
  • Social skills development through group therapy, role playing, and educational activities
  • One-on-one counselling that helps your teen develop healthy alternatives to social media or internet abuse

Dealing with the condition offers hope. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be a long process. Depending on the individual, it might take 30 days of intensive treatment. However, follow it up with six months of subsequent care that helps new behaviours flourish. It prevents relapse and addresses situations that might occur after treatment.

Changing Your Family’s Dynamics through Timely Intervention

Right now, it’s hard to imagine that things could change. In fact, you’re struggling with a teen who’s lost interest in ordinary activities. It’s hard to motivate the youngsters to participate in family outings. Furthermore, they’d prefer to stay at home and be online day and night.

There’s constant strife in your home right now. You’ve tried everything else. Isn’t it time to give our process addiction treatment program in BC a try? Connect with Venture Academy specialists by calling 866.762.2211 now.