Continuing Education

The demand for post- secondary education and training is greater than ever before. At Venture Academy, we support young adults in investigating the kind of institution that is best suited to their goals, needs and objectives. If appropriate, participants will be invited to tour a variety of higher learning centers to help point them to the career of their choice. Participants may even wish to return to school to receive their high school diploma.

Educational facilities to be explored will include:

  • University
  • College
  • Technical schools
  • Business Schools
  • Vocational Training

Work Force Exposure

“What am I going to do for a living?” Participants in the Independent Living Program may find themselves confronting this dilemma. At Venture Academy, we support young adults in exploring their interests, investigating related employment opportunities and in determining the pre-requisites, financial and lifestyle rewards related to the career of their choice. Individuals will tour a variety of employment sites and have the opportunity to speak with staff and management in related positions.

Work force exposure includes:

  • Retail Sector
  • Labor Market
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Vocational/Trades
  • Professional
  • Entrepreneurs

Job Search Strategies

At some time or another, nearly everyone is faced with the responsibility of finding work and developing job search skills. Venture Academy Counsellors prepare young adults for the often-challenging task of obtaining employment. Participants will be supported in developing job search strategies, implementing a job search plan and potentially securing employment. If a participant secures employment, Venture Academy Counsellors will monitor their progress and support them through any issues that may arise.