Outcome Evaluation

At Venture Academy we make sure we are providing the most effective treatment services possible. We’ve implement an outcome evaluation process that monitors and evaluates our services, tracks and measures client achievement, and keeps us accountable to clients, parents, governing bodies and ourselves.

What Is Outcome Evaluation?

Outcome Evaluation is the process of evaluating services provided. Information relating to program objectives is collected, measured and evaluated in order to determine the impact and effectiveness of the services provided.

How It Works

By establishing targets of service outcomes, and evaluating individuals in relation to these targets throughout service provision, the service may be objectively evaluated.

Client functioning is evaluated at Intake based on information regarding the client’s historical patterns and presenting behaviours provided by the parents, the youth and/or other involved service providers. The client’s functioning is evaluated again as the youth leaves the program for the Discharge Evaluation.

A comparison of the client’s functioning at Intake compared to Discharge demonstrates the presumed impact of the program services on the clients functioning.

Who Benefits

An Outcome Evaluation system provides substantial benefits to staff, management, clients and potential consumers.

For staff it provides clear information of progress towards predetermined outcomes. For management, Outcome Evaluation provides a means by which program effectiveness may be measured. For the client it gives a set of expectations and indicators of what is being worked towards in terms of change. For the potential consumer, Outcome Evaluation provides the accountability assurance necessary when selecting a Treatment Service Provider.

Why Use It?

  • An Outcome Evaluation system effectively applied and administered generates a number of benefits to the organization and it’s clients:
  • A structured means by which services may be developed and delivered with clear and measureable outcomes.
  • A structured information system to provide meaningful data to determine whether the services and delivery systems are meeting client needs.
  • The collective evaluation of programs provides the opportunity to identify areas of strength and growth for ongoing program development and refinement.