Our Model

Venture Academy’s Semi-Independent Support Homes provide structured, supervised residential placements, intensive counselling and support services to male and female youth ages 17 to 20 who are experiencing difficulties managing their lives at home, at school, or in the community.

Venture Academy’s Therapeutic Support Homes program serves a client population who may have a history of family difficulties, drug or alcohol abuse, school or employment difficulties, negative peer relationships, residency issues, problems with the legal system, clinically diagnosed disorders and other significant behavioural challenges.

Individualized Services

During the admission process, the applicant and parent or guardian are asked to submit a confidential interest survey and screening assessment in order to determine the client’s strengths, needs, preferences, interests and abilities.

This information is the basis on which Venture Academy will establish goals, determine service objectives and develop a plan of care with the applicant. This Individual Service Plan guides Venture Academy’s therapeutic approach and intervention methods with the applicant.

Holistic Approach

At Venture Academy, our approach is holistic in nature. We believe in developing the whole person. This is why we have developed and offer a continuum of personal growth modules and practical experiential learning sessions targeting essential developmental skills. Counselling and skill building sessions include emotional growth support, post-secondary education exploration, and work force exposure. Self care expectations and daily living tasks are monitored and supported. Venture Academy also offers an array of recreational opportunities.

We support young people in developing and implementing strategies that improve their everyday functioning and have an ongoing positive impact on the quality of their lives.

We focus on solutions and skill building.

Relief Services

Clients and their families may wish to access the service for a family “break” or temporary relief from ongoing strain or stress. There may be a time in the lives of families when parents are needed elsewhere and interim caregivers must be found. At Venture Academy, we will customize our services to meet the potential client’s individual needs and parental preferences.