Purpose Statement

Venture Academy’s mission is to provide integral, effective, substance abuse treatment, counseling and support services for youth and young adults.

With our Purpose Statement in mind, we have identified and created a focus that enables our staff to channel energy where it has been proven most effective.

Program Objectives

  1. To assess, identify and evaluate the service needs of referred youth and support their engagement in our drug and alcohol treatment program.
  2. To provide outreach therapeutic treatment for youth demonstrating significant substance abuse related problems.
  3. To assist youth to develop healthy lifestyles which do not include reliance on alcohol or drugs.
  4. To provide individual and/or small group intervention to assist youth to improve their functioning at home, at school or in the community.
  5. To assist youth in acquiring developmentally appropriate skills (problem-solving/decision-making, assertiveness, anger management, conflict resolution, etc.).
  6. To provide individual and/or small group intervention which will assist youth to develop skills and awareness in relation to daily living, interpersonal relationships, health, education, employment, and substance abuse.
  7. To support youth and their families to reduce conflict and promote functional roles and healthy relationships.
  8. To provide parents with information and support in their efforts to enhance the treatment and after-care of referred youth.
  9. To support and advocate for youth in engaging in appropriate educational programming.
  10. To support youth in engaging in healthy, appropriate recreational activities.
  11. To engage in ongoing research and program development.
  12. To implement and utilize an Outcome Evaluation System to demonstrate the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of the services provided by Venture Academy’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program.