Five Phase Treatment Program

At Venture Academy we’ve sectioned our Outreach Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program into five distinct yet integrated program segments. Each segment represents a phase of client involvement in the program. The phases outlined below include an approximate length of time each phase may take to complete. Phase completion time depends on client willingness, motivation, and movement towards identified goals.

Counsellors meet with clients 3 times a week for approximately 5-6 months depending on identified need.

Note: Allotted phase completion time may appear to be extensive. Actual programming implementation usually includes overlap from one phase to the next.

Phase 1 Assessment and Treatment Planning

2-4 weeks

This is a planning and development stage resulting in an Individual Service Plan that guides treatment and intervention while the client is in the program.

Phase 2 Pre-treatment

4-6 weeks

This is a series of educational modules designed especially for clients at the “pre-contemplative” or “contemplative” stages of change – meaning clients who are in denial of their addiction or have only just begun to consider their substance abuse issues.

Phase 3 Intensive Treatment Services

8-10 weeks

Counselling sessions address the client’s risk factors for chemical dependency, historical usage patterns, barriers to treatment and recovery, impact of substance-abuse, other presenting problems etc. The focus is on abstinence planning and skill building. Clients will be assisted in developing individualized plans and skills to modify substance-abusing behaviours and move towards a drug-free lifestyle.

Phase 4 Transition and After-Care Planning

4-6 weeks

Counselling sessions continue in this phase. The focus however shifts to developing an individualized “Relapse Prevention Plan” to support the client in following through with newly acquired skills. Clients will be supported in coping with identified triggers and will learn how to handle ‘high-risk’ situations away from our program and supports. Skill strategies are utilized and perfected.

Phase 5 Relapse Prevention and Follow-up

1 month

The final phase of the program is implemented upon graduation and discharge from the program. Counsellors are in regular contact with the client and family in order to provide support and follow-up counsel to ensure the successful implementation of the relapse prevention plan. This service is free of charge.

Holistic Approach

At Venture Academy, our approach is holistic in nature. We believe in developing the whole person. Many treatment approaches consider it futile to treat an addiction problem without exploring other areas in a person’s life.

We support young people in developing and implementing strategies that improve their everyday functioning and have an ongoing positive impact in all aspects of their lives.

We focus on solutions and skill building.

Accessing Services

Our services are easily accessible to youth and families who need support in working through their difficulties. All it takes is a phone call or email to our head office (listed below).

We ask for some limited background information such as your location and the youth or family’s current situation. Next, we chose the most suitable Venture Academy counsellor and he or she initiates contact with the family in order to set up an initial meeting. And that’s it.
We pride ourselves in our responsiveness to our clients’ needs and can have a Venture Academy counsellor to your door usually within the week.