teen boy learns to save money from kelowna BC teen life skills coachingWith Kelowna, BC, teen life skills coaching programs, your teen will gain access to a variety of resources to help reshape and shift their current behavioural patterns into patterns that are more productive, positive, and, ultimately, fulfilling. If your family needs life skills coaching for teens, consider a Kelowna, BC teen life skills coaching program.

What Is A Kelowna, BC, Teen Life Skills Coaching Program?

A life skills coaching program can help guide your teen in daily tasks and responsibilities. Firstly, a life skills program will help identify the roots of and correct antisocial behaviours. Correcting antisocial behaviours provides social life skills that your teen will use for their entire life.

A life skills program also provides practical skills. These can include cooking, basic home repairs, and other technical skills that help focus their mind. These skills can help your teen whether they are recovering from addiction or want to prevent addiction. Either way, life skills give them a healthier outlet for their time and emotions.

Is your teen acting out, behaving irrationally, and feeling lost? Consider a life skills coaching program that can help them get their mind and life back on track.

How are Kelowna, BC, Teen Life Skills Coaching Programs Used?

Life skills coaching for teens is not always easy to find. Life skills coaching programs are available for individuals of all ages and can significantly impact the growth of your teen’s mentality and maturity.

Teenagers experience a myriad of hormonal imbalances, mood swings, and emotional issues as they grow into their bodies and mature. Dealing with an upset, depressed, lost, or discouraged teenager is not always easy, especially as a parent who simply wants to be there for their child. With a life skills coaching program, alleviate the burden from yourself while allowing your teen to work directly with another adult professional who specializes in helping teens cope with their lives, hormonal changes, and outlooks.

How Life Skill Training Programs Can Benefit Your Teenager

Choosing the right life skill training program for your teen can ultimately help them to reshape their attitudes, thought processes, and outlooks on life with the proper guidance and support. Some of the advantages that come with enrolling your teen in a life skills coaching program include:

  • Learning to self-regulate thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Practising introspective exercises to help with better solving problems and responding to surrounding situations without being overly emotional
  • Learning how to better empathize with others
  • Learning how to better cope with and understand emotions, moods, and hormones

Additional services offered from a Kelowna, BC, teen life skills coaching program from Venture Academy include:

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At Venture Academy, we specialize in helping teens and their families overcome a wide variety of problems. Our treatment programs address both substance and process addictions, mental disorders, and academic struggles. We offer flexibility in terms of the length of your teen’s stay and the intensity of their treatment regimen. But one thing remains consistent throughout — our desire to see your teen succeed. Whether your child enrolls in our center in Kelowna, Red Deer, or Barrie, we want to help them help themselves, and in the process help you. Children are our future, which is why programs like Kelowna, BC teen life skills coaching are so important.

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