a circle of teens holding hands at a customised treatment planTeens are dealing with a lot of challenges as they transition to adulthood, so behavioural problems are fairly common during this stage of life. Some centres for troubled teens force all clients to follow the same rigid program, but at Venture Academy, we believe in a more personalised approach. Whether your teen is dealing with substance abuse, anger management, and/or behavioural problems, a customised treatment plan can be an effective way of addressing the issues.

Why Do You Need a Customised Treatment Plan?

A custom teen help program is important because there is no such thing as a standard “troubled teen.” Every teen who needs our assistance is dealing with their own unique problems. Mental health problems, substance abuse disorders, behavioural issues, learning disorders, and other conditions can impact their lives as well. Starting a custom program is important because it lets teens work on the areas they need to improve. Research finds that plans that give a child a custom blend of community- and therapy-based services are far more effective than just locking a child in a residential facility. Taking the time to build a custom program can end up treating your teen far more quickly. It actually addresses the problems behind a teen’s bad behaviour instead of simply forcing them to behave better.

How Do We Create a Customised Treatment Plan?

A custom treatment program for a teenager starts with a consultation. During the earliest stage, members of the help centre team talk with the parents to learn a little about the challenges their family is facing. At this time, they can start fine-tuning their treatment options to help the teen. Venture Academy then typically moves on to a 30-day assessment and intervention. During this stage, we get to know your teen a little more. We learn what works best when interacting with your teen and start to develop a long-term treatment program that can last up to six months.

The exact services offered during this period vary depending on what we notice during our initial assessment. If a teen is struggling academically, we may work to develop an individualized curriculum that can help them get back on track. For those struggling with substance abuse or electronic addiction, we can provide gentle monitoring and support to break these cycles of overuse. Depending on the needs of your teen, a custom treatment plan may also include:

What Can You Expect With a Customised Treatment Plan?

Once your teen joins Venture Academy, they can expect to spend their days participating in enriching activities. Each client has their own schedule that contains a custom blend of school, therapy, counselling, and recreation designed to suit their needs. At the end of the day, they return to a host home specially chosen for them. The host home provides a supportive environment for personal growth and healthy friendships. We take your input along every step of the way so that we can adjust the treatments depending on how your teen is doing. You can check in with them during weekly calls and visits. Because each custom teen help program is entirely individualized, there is no guaranteed timeline for treatment. Some families can expect to reunite within a month, while some teens may need up to six months of treatment.

At Venture Academy, we understand that no two teens are the same. Everyone does best when they have a customised program that we tailor to suit their needs and personality. Start your family’s individualized treatment plan now by contacting us online or calling us at 866.762.2211.