Suffering any mental or behavioural disorder is difficult for your teen or young adult. At this time in their lives, with so many changes and opportunities, not feeling able to keep up with others makes your loved one feel left behind. But through the help of an auditory processing disorder treatment program, your teen or young adult becomes more able to keep up with peers. This improves their socialization, relationships, school performance, and daily life.

What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory processing disorder (APD) is an executive functioning disorder that affects your young person’s ability to understand speech. This means that the problem is not so much hearing loss, as difficulty in understanding what others say. This incurable condition makes learning how to deal with the disorder important for your loved one’s present and future well-being.

Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment Program in Canada.APD requires a doctor’s diagnosis, one following lab tests, imaging studies and other types of medical tests. No one knows at this time what causes APD. But many experts believe it stems from ear infections, premature birth or head trauma.

Living with APD makes socialization, relationships, learning and working more difficult than for people with normal auditory processing. Understanding what others say proves especially hard in loud places. People with APD also struggle to follow directions and distinguish one sound from another, similar one.

Methods Used in an Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment Program

Because APD cannot be cured, treatments involve making lifestyle changes for adaptation. These include using hearing aids, working with a therapist and receiving important therapies in a quality auditory processing disorder treatment program.

Auditory processing disorder treatment program therapies at Venture Academy include:

Many young people with APD also suffer other conditions along with their executive functioning problem. These conditions often pair with depression, anxiety, substance use disorder or other behavioural problems. Teens and young adults struggle so much with their symptoms, that they develop problems with lying, disrespect, mood swings and anger, too.

For your young person’s complete wellness, all of these needs must be met at the same time. Learning how to use listening devices and manage symptoms plays a big role in your loved one’s improved future. Of course, all of this starts with their accurate diagnosis during the 30 Day Assessment period.

Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment Program in Canada

With locations in Ontario and Alberta, Venture Academy offers the APD and mental health treatment your teen or young adult needs. Their better life begins with this help, as they learn about their disorder and how to adapt to its symptoms. At the same time, your loved one gains the mental and behavioural wellness they need for stability and happiness throughout all areas of their life.

Venture Academy treats only teens and young adults through age 25. So they live and learn among peers, building social and relationship skills along with trust, respect, self-confidence, and honesty. In essence, your loved one gains the hope and wellness they need for their brightest future.

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