Counsellors to your door

Our Services

Venture Academy’s Outreach Youth counselling provides solutions for youth and families who are experiencing difficulties or have noticed emerging family problems. Our “outreach” program sends Venture Academy staff to the family home for convenience, so that families can feel comfortable in their own home rather than an unfamiliar, clinical office setting. One-on-one sessions with youth are held on common ground in the community or a place youth feel comfortable such as a coffee shop or park.

Our Approach

Venture Academy provides support for youth and families through various levels of intensity depending on urgency and identified need. This may include regular individual meetings with the youth, to occasional family sessions and parental support, or any combination of the above. We do not have a fixed agenda but rather utilize an individual approach with each youth and family. Our Counsellors work with the youth and family to accommodate their needs and goals.

Services can be used to help families reduce conflict and rebuild relationships. Our Counsellors can support youth in eliminating substance use and becoming accountable and responsible for their own actions. The supportive role of a Counsellor may also include assisting youth in examining peer relationships, participating in healthy recreational activities, attending school or finding work etc.

As a whole, Venture Academy supports young people in developing and implementing strategies that improve their everyday functioning and have an ongoing positive impact on the quality of their lives.

We focus on solutions and skill building.

Accessing Services

Our services are easily accessible to youth and families who need support in working through their difficulties. All it takes is a phone call or email to our head office (listed below). We ask for some limited background information such as your location and the youth or family’s current situation. Next, we chose the most suitable Venture Academy Counsellor and he or she initiates contact with the family. And that’s it.

We pride ourselves in our responsiveness to our clients’ needs and can have a Venture Academy Counsellor to your door usually within the week.