“Counsellors to Your Door”

Venture Academy’s Outreach Youth Counselling provides individualized counselling and support services for youth and their families.

We take into consideration the needs, interests and objectives of our clients and craft an approach that will meet those requirements. At Venture Academy we do not lose sight of the importance of clear direction, and focus in determining ones future.

Our Outreach youth Counselling offers youth tools for success and provides families with hope for the future.


  • Immediate Response – We accommodate client admissions at the earliest possible date. No wait lists.
  • Customized Services – Individually developed service plans to address “client specific” needs.
  • Impact – Intensive counselling and an abundance of “one on one” time spent with our Counsellors resulting in closer more therapeutic relationships.
  • Results – New skills are learned and implemented in the family’s home and their own communities. No transition from an isolated or artificial environment triggering a relapse.
  • Accountability – We track and measure outcomes in order to remain accountable and prove client achievement.
  • Confidential – Your son or daughter’s and family’s involvement with Venture Academy is your business. No government involvement required.