If you have a teen suffering from the abuse of prescription drugs, you are not alone. Millions of people find themselves struggling with this serious issue every year. For this reason, prescription drug addiction treatment remains an essential element for helping people regain their quality of life.

The Growing Trend of Prescription Drug AbusePrescription Drug Addiction Treatment at Venture Academy

With more people than ever taking some form of prescription medication, it’s no surprise that we have seen an increase in prescription drug abuse. For example, millions of people are given prescriptions each year for opioid pain-relieving drugs. While these medications can be very useful for the treatment of various health issues, they are also highly addictive. Therefore, obtaining proper prescription drug addiction treatment is essential for those who want to return to a high quality of life.

What are the Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

Obtaining prescription drug addiction treatment must involve knowing how to recognize the signs of a problem. For example, consider the following clues that can let you know it is time to seek professional help:

Severe Changes in Mood

Those struggling with addiction may not be able to control their moods on an ongoing basis. Therefore, your teen may seem to alternate between periods of blissful happiness, doom and gloom, or crippling anxiety. Worsening mood swings can be a sign of a serious behavioural issue that may involve substance abuse.

Changes in Physical Appearance

Those abusing addictive substances often lose weight, develop skin rashes, or appear untidy much of the time. Specifically, if your teen previously took pride in appearance, you may notice the development of these troubling patterns.

Secretive Behaviours

Teens who are involved in drug abuse or other behavioural issues will usually try to hide their actions. Furthermore, they may feel guilty about their actions or might want to prevent causing their family to worry about them. Keep an eye on suspicious activities or changes in routine behaviours. After all, finding prescription drug addiction treatment is more successful if caught early.

Failure to Meet Obligations

If your teen is struggling with drug abuse, he may find it impossible to meet important obligations within the family, school, or work realm. Showing up late for work, missing classes, or getting failing grades can be huge red flags that indicate a problem.

What Options Exist for Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

Prescription drug addiction treatment can include many different elements. In fact, your specific treatment program will depend on your current needs and goals for the future. For example, consider some of the following treatment options you may find useful:

How Can You Help a Loved One Suffering from Addiction?

Having a frank discussion with your family might help you identify the best prescription drug addiction treatment center for your needs. Venture Academy is a residential behavioural treatment center that maintains several convenient locations throughout Canada. Moreover, our facility places special focus on helping troubled teens and young adults to make positive changes in their lives. Whether your teen is experiencing troubling behaviours, drug addiction, or academic issues, the treatment staff at Venture Academy are here for you.

Don’t remain trapped in a devastating cycle of addiction or behavioural problems. In fact, you can learn the essential tools necessary to overcome the most severe behavioural issues by seeking professional help. Call 1-866-762-2211 to learn how Venture Academy can help you get your life back on track with prescription drug addiction treatment.