Venture Academy’s Outreach Youth counselling provides a full spectrum of counselling, and supportive treatment services for youth. We take into consideration the needs, interests and objectives of our clients and craft an approach that meets those requirements.

At Venture Academy we do not lose sight of the importance of clear direction, and focus in determining ones future.

Therapeutic Services

  • Initial assessment and goal setting.
  • Individualized service planning, implementation and accordant reviews.
  • Regular communication with parents and/or family support.
  • Case Management – (liaison with other community service providers if desired).
  • Discharge planning – with youth and family pending service termination.
  • Recommendations and after care planning upon program completion. (free of charge)

Service Plan Development

After the initial family meeting, an Individual Service Plan is developed according to the needs and wishes of the family and recommendations from the Venture Academy Youth Counsellor and Supervisor.
Other Available Services

Venture Academy offers and implements an array of therapeutic services in our residential treatment programs which are included in the monthly service fee. These services are also available through our outreach program.

Such services may include:

  • Venture Academy substance abuse counselling
  • Venture Academy sponsored psychological assessments
  • Counselling with a Venture Academy psychologist, psychiatrist or behavioural health specialist
  • Wilderness based therapeutic/recreational excursions
  • Other positive recreational activities