girl on couch in residential treatment

3 Signs Your Teen Needs Residential Treatment

There can be many signs that alert you to your teen’s need for professional help. As a parent, it can be challenging to determine when to step in, especially if you’re considering residential treatment. Many teens suffer from mental health problems or destructive behaviours, and either of these can be a good reason to seek…

therapist with patient in teen residential treatment

How to Support Your Teen After Residential Treatment

Having a child in residential treatment can cause a great deal of worry and stress. However, at the same time, you can relax, knowing that your teen is getting the best possible care. But what do you do when they return home? Life doesn’t go back to normal straight away; your teen will need support…

young boy showing signs of gaming addiction

6 Signs of Gaming Addiction in Your Teen

In recent times, video games have undergone tremendous evolution, becoming an elaborate realistic escape appealing to players across all age groups. At Venture Academy, we understand that the obsession with these games, the gratification of leveling up, and the mental stimulation of playing these games increases the trend of teen gaming addiction. Is Your Teen…

teen girl upset and struggling with teen trauma

3 Common Types of Trauma Teens Experience

As parents and caregivers, our highest priority is for our children to live healthy, happy lives. We try our best to protect them from pain and difficulties, but unfortunately, some things are outside our control. Certain events and experiences can trigger behavioural changes in our kids. Teen trauma requires treatment in order to help teenagers…

teen girl trying to cope during the covid 19 pandemic

How The COVID-19 Pandemic Could Be Impacting Your Teen

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe, young people are dealing with many serious issues. From teen stress to teen substance abuse, the problems arising due to being isolated and anxious are very real. Everyone handles the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic differently, but teens are especially vulnerable due to their developing psyche. How…