girl showing signs of depression

3 Signs of Depression in Teens During the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, many people may experience depression. Not only does this time of the year cause seasonal depression, but some people struggle to feel joyful during the winter. Although many people find the holidays to be a time of excitement and happiness, this isn’t the case for everyone. It is especially concerning when…

girl dealing with seasonal depression

4 Signs of Seasonal Depression in Teens

Seasonal depression affects millions of Canadians every year, including teens. It can be challenging to spot Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as it is often confused with depression or other mental health conditions. However, there are some crucial signs of seasonal depression. If your teen is struggling, reach out to Venture Academy at 855.281.5813 today. Signs…

troubled teens needed help

The Importance of Physical Activity for Troubled Teens

Physical activity is immensely beneficial for anyone suffering from a mental health condition or substance addiction. For instance, exercise is especially vital for troubled teens. Discover why physical activity is so beneficial, and if your teen is struggling, reach out to Venture Academy today. Physical Activity and Mental Health Exercise has many physical benefits and…

teen outside feeling positive self esteem

5 Ways to Improve Teen Self-Esteem

Issues with self-esteem can affect anyone, but teenagers are particularly susceptible. For instance, teenagers worldwide suffer from mental health problems that stem from low self-esteem. Nevertheless, there are many ways to improve teen self-esteem, from professional help to things you can implement at home. Learn more about how to improve teen self-esteem and reach out…