mother and daughter arguing over setting rules for phone use

Setting Rules For Phone Use

Teens can become overly dependent on their phones, and many teens use phones to avoid real life. Setting rules for phone use is an important part of the parenting process. Sometimes, establishing phone limitations and following through with consequences can be incredibly overwhelming for parents. Fortunately, places like Venture Academy offer electronic addiction treatment programs…

teens playing volleyball at the beach do outdoor activities help depression

Do Outdoor Activities Help Depression?

Outdoor recreational treatment uses physical activities to help people overcome emotional challenges. Many treatment centres include outdoor activities into their programs, but do outdoor activities help depression in troubled teens? Do Outdoor Activities Help Depression? Today’s teens face challenging times. Many teens feel pressure to fit in at school and on social media. Others have…

girl looking pensive and dealing with bipolar disorder

Dealing With Bipolar Disorder

Is Your Teen Acting Out, or Is It Bipolar Disorder? As your children grow from childhood and enter their teenage years, life can seem like a never-ending struggle. Normal teenagers have occasional outbursts and trouble controlling their emotions at times. All families experience unfamiliar feelings as teenagers learn how to grow into responsible adults. However,…

a girl struggling with what causes depression in teens

What Causes Depression in Teens? Addressing Adolescent Depression

While it’s normal for adolescents to experience bad moods, most will quickly bounce back and return to a normal state. When teens are sad, feel hopeless, and withdraw for a period of weeks, or longer, they could be experiencing depression. These negative feelings can become a significant disruption in daily life that affects behaviour, school…

a young man pulling his hair struggling with anger management

Understanding Why Anger Management Is Important for Teens

Like adults, teens can struggle with anger issues. Unfortunately, few of them get the anger management support that they need to deal with this problem. Such classes teach teens how to control their anger, which helps them later in life too. At Venture Academy, we understand the importance of providing this guidance. Understanding the Importance…

two teens drinking alcohol displaying why do teens turn to drinking

Why Do Teens Turn to Drinking? 3 Reasons to Explain This Epidemic

The question of why teens turn to alcohol is one that’s persisted for generations. Despite the awareness of the health risks and the way it negatively affects many who binge drink, teenagers still flock to beer and other adult beverages in droves. Both high school-aged and younger are susceptible to this kind of pressure in…