a girl has her head in her hands while talking to her counsellor in cognitive behavioral therapy

What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Teens?

Teen drug abuse is a widespread problem throughout our country. In fact, over 42% of Canadian teens reported illicit substance use of some type within the last year. Also, over 200,000 Canadian students admitted to being offered drugs. Consequently, parents of troubled teens are increasingly searching for trustworthy addiction treatment programs. For example, cognitive behavioural…

a relaxed girl stands in a meadow enjoying the holistic approach

Holistic Approach to Behaviour Treatment for Teens

When teens struggle with drug or alcohol abuse, it’s rarely a standalone issue. More commonly, substance abuse goes along with behavioural problems like anger, lying, poor academic performance or violence. Treating substance abuse alone is not recommended for a lasting recovery. Instead, a holistic approach can be a more efficient way to help teens and…

a boy sits on concrete stares with his head on his hand defining substance abuse

Defining Substance Abuse: Is My Teen at Risk?

Despite a recent plunge in teen illicit substance abuse, it’s still a significant issue plaguing the young people of our country. Additionally, prescription drug abuse in this age group has increased recently. Also, underage drinking and subsequent alcohol addiction is a common problem among teens and young adults. Defining substance abuse can appear tricky to…

a girl sits in the forest thinking about types of mental illness

Understanding Different Types of Mental Illness in Teens

Different types of mental illness plague teens from all across Canada and throughout the world. Living as a teen is hard enough, but mental health disorders like general anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can further complicate teens’ lives. Understanding these disorders can identify why getting the right behaviour treatment is so important. Growing…