girl with backpack walks through the woods for holistic treatment

How Teens Can Heal During Holistic Treatment

Teens have unique needs when it comes to substance abuse and behaviour treatment. In many cases, holistic treatment options can provide necessary relief from these serious problems. What are the benefits of holistic treatment approaches? Defining Holistic Treatment Holistic therapy refers to approaches that address the entire individual rather than just his or her issues.…

The Argument Against Teen Boot Camp

Top 5 Reasons to Say “Yes” to Help for Troubled Teens Canada and “No” to Boot Camp for Teens in Canada

1. Venture Academy for troubled teens provides intensive, ongoing clinical therapy focused on providing long-lasting results and permanent behavioural changes. We are not a boot camp for teens in Canada offering parents a quick – but temporary – fix. 2. At boot camp for teens, troubled teens live in a group-style living environment surrounding by teens with…