girl in dark sitting next to bed showing signs of mental illness

5 Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Teens

As a parent, protecting your teenager from harm is your number one priority. When your teen shows troublesome behavioural changes, it can be difficult to discern the issue. Signs of mental illness can vary significantly from person to person, making it confusing to know whether a real problem exists. Although the clues can change, the…

therapist explaining what is cognitive behavioural therapy

What Is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Teens?

Teen drug abuse is a widespread problem throughout our country. In fact, over 42% of Canadian teens reported illicit substance use of some type within the last year. Also, over 200,000 Canadian students admitted to being offered drugs. Consequently, parents of troubled teens are increasingly searching for trustworthy addiction treatment programs. This is where Venture…

screaming child demonstrating oppositional defiant disorder

What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

Adolescence can be a difficult time for many teens and their families. While mood swings and an overwhelming need for independence are common during this phase, more severe or disturbing behavioural trends like oppositional defiant disorder can sometimes signify a problem. What are the symptoms associated with this condition? Why is professional treatment essential to…

child smiling in grass after Holistic approach to treatment

Holistic Approach to Behaviour Treatment for Teens

When teens struggle with drug or alcohol abuse, it’s rarely a standalone issue. Often, young people and adolescents are dealing with other underlying mental health issues or behavioural issues. More commonly, substance abuse goes along with behavioural problems like anger, lying, poor academic performance, or violence. Treating substance abuse alone is not recommended for a…