teen pouring a spoon of cough syrup for Cough Medicine Abuse

Legal But Lethal – Cough Medicine Abuse in Teens

An ingredient found in many cough and cold remedies is finding its way into the hands of teens intent on using it to get what is described as a cheap dissociative high. Teen cough medicine abuse is something parents need to make themselves aware of. Dextromethorphan (DXM) – a synthetic ingredient found in more than…

man talking to son on park bench about Teen Inhalant Abuse

Education Key to Preventing Teen Inhalant Abuse

Parents vigilant about educating their child about drugs and alcohol could inadvertently be supplying “drugs” powerful enough to kill the first time they are used. Teen inhalant abuse is a frequent issue in many areas. Surveys conducted in the United States and Canada reveal that huffing (or inhalant use) is becoming one of the most…

parents fight as surly teens suffer effects of comparing children

Avoiding the Negative Effects of Comparing Children

Treatment for the Effects of Comparing Children The effects of comparing children to others are almost wholly negative. Children become unable to communicate and function harmoniously with people in a variety of social and intimate situations. To effectively counteract these influences may require a variety of treatment options to properly target the areas of their…

a girl leaning against a wall showing signs of teen anxiety in school

Teen Anxiety in School

Teen Anxiety in School Many people have woken up in cold sweats, worrying about missing school tests from years or even decades before. School’s unique social and educational pressures are enough to give adults lifelong anxieties. This unfortunate fact is even more true for current students, who have to balance social life, education, and responsibilities…

a girl vaping displaying the dangers of vaping and toking

Dangers of Vaping and Toking

Dangers of Vaping and Toking In the past few years, vapes have become increasingly ubiquitous as a form of consuming nicotine. Although the practice began with complex rigs, the advent of Juul and similar devices have made vaping sleek and stealthy. With these advancements, however, the dangers of vaping and toking have increased. Whereas smoking…