parent hugging child during national recovery month

How to Celebrate National Recovery Month With Your Teen

National Recovery Month comes along every September, and with it arrives an opportunity to celebrate your teen’s accomplishments and gains over the past year. Whether your child has completely recovered from their addiction or they are still on the road to recovery, acknowledging milestones is important. The journey to addiction recovery is not always a…

teen boy showing signs of anxiety in teens

Understanding the Signs of Anxiety in Teens

Visible signs of anxiety in teens indicate that the condition has already progressed quite far. Anxiety is the body’s normal response to stress and overwhelming situations. Yet, teens and adolescents experience it differently and often more intensely due to their circumstances and hormonal changes. So, while nearly everyone experiences anxiety at some point in life,…

teen girl experiencing the causes of anxiety in teens

What Are the Causes of Anxiety in Teens?

Anxiety is the body’s normal reaction to stress, and it helps teenagers handle overwhelming or tense moments. It is usual for teenagers to experience fear at given moments in their lives. However, sometimes what appears like ordinary teen struggles may indicate an underlying anxiety disorder that needs medical intervention. As such, parents and guardians ought…

teen girl showing common signs of depression in teens

The Common Signs of Depression in Teens

Teenage depression is similar to what adults experience, but the symptoms may manifest in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the specific signs of depression in teens due to the various social and developmental challenges they face. Depression can lead to high levels of anxiety and stress, affecting the teen’s school performance and…

teen girl learning the benefits of residential treatment for teens

The Benefits of Residential Treatment for Teens

A residential treatment program requires participants to stay at the rehab facility during the entire period. As such, the benefits of residential treatment for teens are suitable for those battling mental health disorders. When you visit a teen’s rehab facility in Canada for professional help, therapists will first examine the victim before recommending the right…